6 reasons to travel by ferry with a baby

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Do you need to get to Ireland, the UK or France with a baby under one? We know, it is like a military operation; clothes, nappies, bottles, wipes, slings, cots, car seat the list of what’s needed can seem never ending.

The ferry is the only way to travel internationally with a small baby. No security, queues or luggage restrictions to contend with and plenty of space to look after your new arrival. Doing things quickly with a new baby is hard, the relaxed pace of ferry travel means you can focus on your little one.

Traveling with Stena Line as a parent of a baby you can:

1) Bring your own food

Unlike flying, you don’t have to wrestle the food you need into sandwich bags, bring what your baby will need and a little extra, just in case. Once on board, there are plenty of stations to heat up bottles or, if your baby is starting on solids, baby food. If you or your partner are breast feeding, there are lots of comfortable seats and areas around the boat for you to do so.

2) Bring a buggy or pram

Having a buggy on board provides your baby with a comfortable and safe place to be while allowing you to move around easily. Make things easier on yourself onboard by bringing a lighter buggy than usual for the trip.

3) Bring favourite toys

Bring a favourite mobile, soft toy or teething ring for you little one, depending how old they are.

4) Change of clothes (for baby and you)

Accidents happen, so bring a carryon bag with two sets of clothes for baby and one for you.

5) Upgrading to Stena Plus Lounge

Many of the new mothers and fathers who travel with us say a seat in the Stena Plus Lounge is a must. It offers:

  • Comfortable chair
  • Table for all your bits and pieces
  • Lots of space for parents and baby
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and stacks
  • Gorgeous views over the sea

6) Consider a cabin

If your bundle of joy is under 8 weeks and hasn’t been vaccinated yet, consider a cabin to keep them away from potential illnesses and make the journey more comfortable for the whole family.

Although most of our sailings are very smooth, you don’t have to worry about travel sickness if we encounter a wave or two, as babies under two rarely are. There is no harm packing some sickness tablets for yourself, just in case.

Travelling by ferry is an easier option if you are juggling a baby and young children. Our full-service restaurant with a selection of children’s meals and soft play area will ensure they are entertained from boarding to disembarking.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets with Stena Line from Ireland or the UK today.